We are driven by respect for the bold entrepreneurs who wake up every morning with the same goal as Magnetic – to improve patients’ lives. With more than 25 years of multifaceted experience at large pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, start-ups, and as investors, we respect the company building process and are here for our founders, every step of the way.

We understand the complex world of healthcare.

With regulatory and market dynamics unique to the sector, we know how to navigate these complexities and understand the entire lifecycle of healthcare – from discovery, to regulatory, through commercialization. During our decades in the industry, we’ve sat in FDA meetings, negotiated business development deals, and have launched and scaled some of the most ground-breaking technologies and companies in the sector.

Using active-graph machine learning (ML) combined with single-cell analysis to advance therapeutic candidates for diseases with no or few good medicines.
Unlocking the potential of microfluidics and machine learning to discover modulators of biomolecular condensates in human disease.
Rebuilding the clinical research ecosystem by creating a platform that enables equitable access to trials for all patients, while enhancing trial efficiency.
Changing the way complex medicines are made and distributed through technology innovation.
Improving healthcare for minority patients through technology-based patient engagement solutions.
Using AI to rapidly accelerate drug discovery and development for rare genetic diseases.