SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Interconnected Futures: My Journey to Magnetic and the Next Era of Healthcare Innovation

When I first met Christine, her deep connections to founders and other prominent VCs immediately stood out. I was already well-acquainted with Deep Genomics and had a rapport with the team at Relation Therapeutics. Christine's explanation of Magnetic’s investment thesis resonated deeply with my own perspective, honed over years in both academia and industry. Let me share why I'm so optimistic about Magnetic and the future of healthcare.

The Interconnected Web of Healthcare Technologies

Just as Netflix's growth was once tethered to internet speeds, and Instagram's success was intertwined with the proliferation of quality smartphone cameras, healthcare technologies are similarly interdependent. GSM wireless data, smartphones, cameras, cloud storage, and image processing all evolved separately but became interlinked. We're on the cusp of a similar symbiotic relationship in healthcare, where multiple technologies will bolster and rely on each other.

  1. LabTech: Innovations like PCR, next-gen sequencing, and single cell sequencing are revolutionizing our understanding of disease biology, leading to new target classes and a deluge of research data.

  2. MedTech: Tools like liquid-biopsy, portable MRI, and wearables are offering unprecedented insights into the human body, enabling precise diagnostics and generating vast patient behavior data.

  3. InfoTech: With advancements in cloud storage, data lakes, and privacy-preserving algorithms, we can now efficiently manage and secure the vast amounts of data generated by LabTech and MedTech.

  4. DataTech (AI/ML): AI and ML technologies, from text to image processing, are transforming how we extract insights from data, accelerating documentation, regulatory filing, therapeutic discovery and development.

Navigating the Rate-Limiting Factors

However, the full potential of these technologies is often capped by the limitations of another. For instance, as we reduce costs and increase the speed of data acquisition in LabTech, the value of this tech becomes intertwined with our ability to store, process, and analyze this data (InfoTech and DataTech). Furthermore, these insights must be connected to real-world patient experiences, which are captured by MedTech.

The Future is Interconnected

This intricate web of dependencies means that progress in one area can catalyze advancements in another, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation. It's not just about incremental improvements; we're witnessing a qualitative shift in the healthcare ecosystem.

At Magnetic, we recognize this interconnected future. Our investments target these critical intersections, addressing the rate-limiting factors that could stymie progress. I'm thrilled to be part of the Magnetic team, working collectively to shape a brighter future in healthcare.